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  • Restaurant review – Le Restaurant (10/16/2016)

    It has been a while since my last restaurant review, but I’ve had some luck last week. On my birthday, my boyfriend decided to surprise me. For weeks he had been asking me if I already had a clue what we were going to do, but with his hints I would’ve never guessed it. I had to be home at 6 and I needed to wear something comfortable and no high heeled shoes, so I was thinking about activities such as carting or horseback riding. In my wildest dreams I might have hoped that the requested outfit was a joke, but I didn’t want to get disappointed.

    I wasn’t. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

    When I got home, my boyfriend had decorated the room and put down a dress and my heels on a chair, together with a card, which told me that I was going to get an unforgettable evening. After reading it, he appeared with a beautiful bouquet and instructed me to get ready.

    Our first stop was a wine bar, where he told me the actual plan of the evening; we were going to ‘Le Restaurant’ to have my very first dinner in a michelin star restaurant! We had always spoken about it, but as we used to be poor students, we had never had enough money to actually do it. Now it was really happening!

    The restaurant was amazing – the interior was cute, the man welcoming us was wonderful and my mood was to the roof. We started with an appetiser; cava brut with some limoncello and Liqor 43 mixed into it. While we were sipping this amazing cocktail, the first bites started coming.

    The bites varied from a puffed cheese pastry, to biscuits with curry, duck liver mousse, a puree of sweet potato with yoghurt, a soup with chocolate in it, to mackerel with paprika puree. After all these bites, we got a plate with a fried scallop, a raw scallop and razor clam, of course combined with some dressing.
    The next course was a small piece of fish of the day, with cauliflower prepared with different preparations. Following this course, we received a piece of veal, which was extremely tender. With it was a puree of celery and some aster. Everything on every plate had so much flavour, both individual as combined with the other ingredients.

    The dessert, cheeses and pastries afterwards, everything was amazing. The host was great as well, he was friendly, charming, funny and you could clearly tell that he enjoyed his job. Hearing that they all start at 11:30 daily in order to prepare the food for one evening is bizarre, but I could definitely taste the effort that was put into it all.

    Of course we combined the entire thing with wines, which were so tasty as well. The next day I regretted it a little bit, but now do believe that we have a new favorite chardonnay and an amazing and simple cocktail.

    My very first experience in a Michelin star restaurant was a great one, but I’m afraid I will get hooked to the great quality of everything…

    Thank you, favorite boyfriend in the world!


  • 6 course menu at Gin – Neo Bistro & Wines (5/1/2016)

    As my boyfriend graduated from his Masters not too long ago, we were invited for a luxurious dinner with his Aunt and Uncle. Last week, this day finally arrived. Not knowing what to expect, we parked our bikes in front of a small building in the ‘Jordaan’ in Amsterdam. The restaurant looked quite old from the outside, but as soon as we stepped inside, a modern taste was seen.  (more…)

  • Musical dinner at Restaurant Pasta e Basta (4/9/2016)

    Last week, my boyfriend turned 25, so we decided to go out for a nice dinner. The reservation had to be made in the second slot, so we walked into Pasta e Basta on Friday evening at 21:00 o’clock. We were welcomed by the host who showed us to our table, where we hear that we would be served by Jurriaan for the evening. Jurriaan was a friendly young guy who immediately explained us the interesting concept of the restaurant. Every waiter and waitress will perform at least one song during the evening, while the guests either enjoy the menu Favorito or other Italian food.  (more…)

  • Restaurant BLEU Amsterdam (3/20/2016)

    One of my favorite things in life is eating. Enjoying good food has become a hobby over the years and I keep needing to explain to my parents that I did not spend my salary only on my rent, regular groceries and new clothes, but that I spent it on eating out, ordering food and expensive brands and groceries in order to being able to enjoy my dinner more.

    Therefore, I have also decided to use my blog to review restaurants and food shops, preferably new ones, in order for me to create my own opinion, instead of having it based on other people’s critics. So on Saturday 19 March, I went to the newly opened restaurant Bleu, on the Prinsenstraat 10 in Amsterdam. It turned out that we were the first people to have ever made a reservation, as it had only opened one day earlier.  (more…)

  • Stubborn me… (3/7/2016)

    Two weeks ago I blurted out that my bike got stolen. Again. I was very upset and did not believe anyone saying that it was probably taken away by the municipality. However, I have to admit that I was wrong. In fact, I was VERY wrong, because I had parked my bike in an unauthorized spot, besides the bicycle racks. (more…)

  • Tuesday blues (2/24/2016)

    For a while I have known it, but I have decided to come out and tell others about my little problem. I have a serious case of Tuesday blues. Many people hate Mondays, because after a lovely weekend with doing nothing, seeing friends, sleeping late and partying, you are expected back at work (or school). I, on the other hand, dislike Tuesdays. It is the day when I realize that my weekend is really done, that I still have 4 days of work left and the day that everything always seems to go wrong.


  • Not my bike… AGAIN! (2/22/2016)

    Until this morning I was the proud owner of a red bicycle. One that I had spray painted a week ago and purchased two weeks ago. My bicycle’s chain was not very tight, and the wheels were not very straight, but I loved my new bike. Unfortunately, someone else obviously also loved my red bike. When returned after to the same spot I left it this morning,  she was gone. I walked 2 rounds around the block to see if I might have remembered the wrong spot, but I was not lucky. Someone took her.