Welkom op mijn website en met name welkom op deze pagina.

Mijn naam is Janneke en na veel wikken en wegen heb ik besloten mijn eerst Engelstalige website om te zetten naar een Nederlandstalige. Ik heb gemerkt dat ik in het Nederlands lekkerder schrijf en dat vooral de mensen om mij heen die dit zullen lezen liever Nederlandstalig lezen.
De naam ‘I am Blogaholic’, heb ik bijna 2 jaar geleden bedacht, toen ik dacht dat bloggen mijn echte passie was. Inmiddels merk ik dat ik het inderdaad heerlijk vind om te schrijven, maar dat ik er niet altijd de tijd voor kan vinden/ maken. Een passie durf ik het dus niet meer te noemen, maar een hobby blijft het zeker.

Op deze website zal ik voornamelijk schrijven over mijn leven. Mijn leven bestaat uit mijn werk, mijn leventje in Amsterdam, reisjes die ik maak, eten dat ik elders eet, maar wellicht ook zelf maak en ik zal schrijven over sport en mijn kijk hierop.

Stiekem hoop ik dat ik met mijn blogposts mensen kan vermaken, maar dat gaan we nog wel meemaken.
Ik kijk uit naar reacties onder mijn posts en hoop dat nu ik Nederlandstalig schrijf, dat ik hier meer mensen mee kan nemen in mijn ervaringen.

    Recent Posts

  • Woensdag weekfavorieten – 14 maart (3/15/2018)

    Zojuist besefte ik me dat ik nog even mijn momentje moest pakken om mijn favoriete momenten en dingen van afgelopen week te noteren. Juist nu besef ik waarom het zo belangrijk is om hierbij stil te staan, want ik heb deze week toch even gemerkt dat ik ook nog af en toe even dipdagen kan hebben. Vanmorgen kon ik bijvoorbeeld alleen met de grootste moeite mijn bed uit komen, zaterdag hoorde ik dat ik de CPC loop alleen moest lopen ipv met een vriendinnetje… Maar dat waren de minpunten en geloof me; er was weer zoveel moois!


  • Woensdag Weekfavorieten – 21 februari (2/21/2018)

    Vorige week heb ik erg genoten van het schrijven van de weekfavorieten, dus deze week volgt gewoon nummer 2 direct! Ik heb namelijk een super leuke week achter de rug en heb uiteraard weer een paar favoriete momentjes verzameld die ik graag deel.


  • Woensdag Weekfavorieten – 14 februari (2/14/2018)

    Ik zie vaak bij bloggers een weekoverzicht met foto’s of juist met hun favoriete dingen van de afgelopen week. Dat wil ik ook!
    Omdat ik op woensdagen wel lekker terug kan kijken op het afgelopen weekend, op de plannen voor het weekend erna en omdat het zo lekker de week kan breken.

    Dus bij deze: mijn allereerste Woensdag Weekfavorieten, direct op valentijnsdag 2018. Hopelijk hou ik dit vol – het is zo belangrijk om stil te staan bij de mooie dingen die je in een week doet. (more…)

  • Vooruitblik naar 2018 (1/3/2018)

    2018 Is van start gegaan en de werkdagen zijn weer in volle gang. Toch wil ik graag nog kijken naar goede voornemens voor het komende jaar. Goede voornemens die wel uit te houden zijn, omdat ik ook een keer echt van plan ben me eraan te gaan houden. Ook wil ik graag kijken naar wat 2018 me gaat brengen, want ik geloof dat er veel moois op de planning staat!


  • Een terugblik op 2017 (1/1/2018)

    Gelukkig 2018!
    Mijn allereerste post in het Nederlands en meteen een op nieuwjaarsdag. Niet direct om vooruit te kijken, maar juist om terug te kijken naar het bijzondere jaar 2017.


  • Almost ready (11/5/2017)

    Last week I posted about my training schedule for the 10km. This run is only one week away from now and I think I am ready.
    Today, I ran 8.35 km within 55 minutes and it felt like I could still run a bit longer. I was running by myself though, which always feels a bit more lonely than with my running buddy, but I still managed.  (more…)

  • Getting ready for a 10km run! (10/29/2017)

    It has been a while since my last post, but unfortunately I could not find any inspiration nor time to write. 

    I did start to feel the urge to write an update again and I want to start doing weekly updates. Hopefully I’ll manage…  (more…)

  • My luck on airports… (7/12/2017)

    My Instagram has been spammed with my pictures, but the blogs haven’t come up yet. It’s time to change that, by starting to tell you about my experiences during the start and end of our amazing trip.


  • New ideas… (5/19/2017)

    It has been long since I last wrote a blog.
    No. Not long. It’s been a century..


  • On a move… (1/23/2017)


    23 is the number of times that I have moved houses. But only the ones in which I’ve stayed longer than 3 months, if else they don’t count. At least, that’s what my father used to say, because if else my sisters and I would’ve even counted several hotels in which we had to stay for longer periods sometimes.


  • Life with allergies (1/7/2017)

    Many people have allergies, you hear it all the time. People are allergic to peanuts, animals, foods, drinks, gluten, sugars and so many things. Until my 16th I was always carefree. I had no allergies whatsoever and could eat whatever I wanted. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to keep living like this forever. I realized I had an allergy for apples. Raw apples. When I eat them I get an itchy throat, small blisters on the insides of my lips and a thicker tongue. I won’t need a doctor, I won’t need reanimation, but it sucks big time. The same happens when I eat raw pears, -walnuts, -almonds and -hazelnuts. I have also started to notice reactions when eating kiwi and peaches, but I hate that my allergies are getting worse over the years.

    I am still lucky though, as I can still eat all the above when they are cooked/baked/etc. So apple juice, apple pie, tarte tartin, etc.. everything can be eaten once it’s not raw food anymore.

    But unfortunately these foods are not the only things that I am allergic to. About 1.5 years ago, I did a test via a dermatologist, to see what my skin reacts to. As I had found out via the same guy that I am intolerant to hormones (yes, really), I wondered what the other things were that sabotaged my life. It turned out to be a huge list, of which the most important ones were cream (such as day cream), certain types of make-up, shampoo, shower gel and smoke. All these products produce extra acne on my face, which is REALLY annoying.

    This means that I need to use specific products without any ingredients that might cause reactions to my skin. I now use Sanex 0% shower gel, which smells boring ans natural, but treats my skin really good.
    For my hair I use  Andrelon ‘Natuurlijk Puur’ shampoo, which is a new line of this Dutch shampoo brand. This line only uses natural ingredients, doesn’t have silicones, parabens and dyes. It smells amazing, especially the line with avocado.
    If my skin is dry, or when I need to treat my skin with some cream, I use Neutral. Another product which only uses neutral ingredients, no silicones, etc. It is, as its name already mentions, neutral. And it works. When my body was recovering from a big burn, I tried to use scar treatment cream to heal it, but this only made everything worse. As soon as I started to use Neutral body cream, my skin started to relax and healed very fast.
    The last product I use daily is the cream of ‘La Roche-Posay’. This brand has a line which is amazingly soft for my skin. I currently use ‘Toleraine Ultra’, which is one of their day creams. It is soft, non-greasy, it absorbs into the skin rapidly and it doesn’t cause more acne. The brand also has eye cleanser, night creams and more and I am soon going to order a few more of their products. Even a friend of mine used it a few days ago, after which she didn’t even want u add make-up on her skin anymore, because her cheeks felt so soft and natural!

    I am still figuring out which make-up brands are good for my skin, but once I have figured that out, I might share it!

    Keep you posted 🙂

  • Looking back at 2016 (1/2/2017)

    Happy New Year everyone! It is 2017, a new year for opportunities, resolutions, holidays and chances. Before I start focussing on a new year, I want to look back. It seems that everyone is only focused on the future, but I’ve had such an amazing year, that it would be a waste to continue life without writing about the highs and the lows of my year.

    My year started during a holiday. A tough one; I had just lost my grandfather and then flew to France for a skiing holiday. There we did not have that much snow, but we had a lovely relaxing holiday. With a week in between in which I worked, I left for another holiday. My boyfriend, 2 friends and I left for another skiing holiday, this time in Austria. Here we were lucky to have snow, so we had an amazing time all together.

    The other trips I made last year were a weekend in Frankfurt with friends, a weekend in the city of Leiden with my boyfriend’s family, a week in Turkey with my family, a weekend on the new boat of my parents in The Netherlands and, of course, the amazing trip to Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore with my boyfriend.

    In 2016 I also accomplished a goal I had never expected myself to achieve; I ran the 10km in Rotterdam. I was shaking like crazy at the end, barely able to stand, but I made it.

    This year was also a year of jobs. I quit my job at the employment agency, worked in a restaurant for 3 months and I am now happy in my new company. Not only I am now working, but my boyfriend, whom also moved in with me this year, also started working, as he found his dream job.
    Talking about dream jobs, I was not accepted as a flight attendant for KLM Cityhopper, which I wanted really badly, but the job I got now is great. The selection days of KLC also gave me two new friends (who are starting their training this month).

    2016 was also the year that I launched this website and blog, via which I can express my feelings, thoughts and experiences whenever I need to. It was also the year that I burnt my stomach so badly that I visited the hospital 6 times in 2 weeks, but I have recovered very well. This year I visited a Michelin star restaurant for the first time and we made our own batch of Limoncello.

    It was also the year that I had to leave my beautiful home in Amsterdam, which made my boyfriend and I homeless. But that is fine, as we have amazing places where we can stay and we have great opportunities on our way.

    I am still a lucky person, looking at my life. I have great friends surrounding me, a loving family, a sweet boyfriend, a fun job and hardly anything that I am allowed to really complain about.

    I can’t wait for 2017 to beat 2016.




  • Stupid things… (11/10/2016)

    It often occurs to me that there are a lot of stupid things that happen and just like a lot of magazines already do, also I want to sum these up: (more…)

  • I work in a vault – how about you? (11/7/2016)

    A while ago I informed you that I was about to start a new job. By now, I have been working as the location manager for more than a month now and I love it. Many people around me were scared that the job would not challenge me enough, but by now, I believe that they have reconsidered. (more…)

  • A new job – Will Blogaholic become a workaholic? (9/29/2016)

    In my last update I was still deciding what to do with my life in regards to jobs, but I have made my decision. Coming Monday will be my very first day in my new job, in a new position. I will be the location manager of a fast growing start-up and I will be working in the centre of Amsterdam.

    My job is completely new for me; I have never been a manager, nor have I worked in this kind of branch, but the company has faith in me. My strengths can be combined very well within the company, as there are a lot of aspects that need an extra person. Besides managing my location and (small) team, I hope to take care of recruitment and social media. Maybe, in the future, even other aspects such as training will also be necessary, so there is a lot to get started on.

    As it is something completely new, with quite big responsibilities, I am quite nervous. My biggest task is to double the amount of clients within a year, so doing some networking will be very important. Besides that, there will be some constructions within the building, which I will also need to keep an eye on. All other tasks are still new to me, but I will hear everything next week. I will have to work in a suit, so my free hours I will try to look either fashionable or completely relaxed (chill outfits, sweatpants?).

    My suit will be made just for me, so I will be measured. This is also an exciting point, as I have been losing a lot of weight and I keep on going. After my trip to Asia I have lost 5 kilos, without doing anything for it. But will I stay like this? Let’s hope, because this look is good for me 🙂

    So, as you might have got, I am excited, nervous but also very happy to start. I want to keep you updated about how everything is going!


  • Personal Update (9/22/2016)

    It has been way too long since my last update and again I want to pick it up. Where I thought working in a restaurant would keep my mind clear, it turned out to make me tired. Exhausted sometimes, even. And so I just chill on my sofa whenever I am home, or meet up with friends. Do things with which I do not need my mind too much.

    However, I do keep thinking about writing, and that is why I am back. I love to write, I love reading other people’s blogs… It turns out that it has become a part of me, which I need to do in order to stay happy and be who I am. That is also the reason why I like to give an update about what I have been doing lately. As I mentioned, I work in a restaurant, which is amazing. It is hard work, but I work with people and give them a good time. Every day is different, with returning guests, new guests, different cultures and fun colleagues. I have lost 5 kilos within 2 months due to running up and down the stairs, I have recovered from my burn ( I now have a small scar and some difference in pigment on my stomach) and I am chronically tired. For the last reason, I have decided to focus on finding a job with regular hours again. My boyfriend and I hardly ever see each other, even while we live together. In addition, I never cook anymore and haven’t seen a grocery store on the inside anymore for weeks.

    There have been quite a few job interviews lately and it looks like I am getting to the point of starting somewhere new soon. The important things to me were a good environment with a fun team, the possibility to learn and grow and my gut feeling has to be good. During a coaching session I was instructed to listen to my intuition more, which I have started to do lately.

    In a few weeks I believe my new life will have started. A new job, with a new rhythm, new colleagues and with all that, more time for myself, my social life, my boyfriend and my website. I cannot wait for it to start, I feel like I need it again.

    Hopefully this urge to write will keep coming again, so that I can finally keep my blog updated with new blogs, updates, reviews and favorites. There is so much to talk about and so little time, but I am sure it will finally happen!

    Until soon!


  • Clumsy much? (8/18/2016)

    It has been more than a week ago since my last post, but just the moment I gained the motivation to blog again, something happened to me. I have always known that I am quite a clumsy person, as I tend to scratch myself often, bruise my legs by bumping into everything, have bumps on my head for banging into the till at work or a low ceiling, but I have now hit rock bottom. (more…)

  • My favorites… Movies (Part I) (8/8/2016)

    When I introduced myself at my former job, I used to tell something personal about myself. One thing was that I enjoy writing and have my blog, the other is my love for movies. I do not only love movies, but I also love to collect them. DVD’s to be exact. (more…)

  • I’m back and intend to stay (8/2/2016)

    It has been about a month since my last post and I feel bad about it, but I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to write anything for a while.. My intentions were to write great blogs about my travels and experiences, hotspots, what to do and more, but for some reason, I haven’t been able to set myself to it.

    Even though I love to write, there have been so many things going on in my life that I could not find the inspiration to put anything on paper. A writer’s block, maybe? I don’t know, but I hope to regain my motivation and write again, as it makes me happy.

    So, let me give you all a small update about life. After travelling for 1 month, I started working in a bistro in Amsterdam, where I am currently a waitress. Currently, serving burgers, steaks and salads is a big part of my life and I am loving it. I can come home without anything on my mind and with only sore feet to care about. Shortly, I will have my last interview for what might be my dream job and after that we’ll see what’ll happen. In addition, I have had many offers for interviews for jobs, but I seem to be happy at the moment. I have lost my gained holiday kilo’s by just working and I’m working on losing at least 2 more to get in a great shape. My boyfriend and I are also still steady and living together is still great. Unfortunately, since I work in the hospitality, we don’t see each other a lot anymore. Sometimes I come home when he’s already asleep and he leaves when I am still resting, but we try to make time for one another.

    For that reason, we spent last Sunday together, with a picnic in the park, a barbecue on the balcony and a movie on the couch. We needed the time together and it might have given me the inspiration to write again. It might be that I forgot about myself for a while, but I’m getting there.

    Glad to be back and I intend to keep it up!

  • No jobs, so we booked the flights! (5/10/2016)

    As mentioned in my last blog, I am looking for a new job at the moment. The reason that my last day at my current job is before the end of this month is because I am currently not at the right place in order to be happy. But where WILL I be happy?

    I don’t know the answer to that question yet, but I am working hard to figure it out. Over the summer I will probably start working in a restaurant part-time, in order to give myself the time to really decide what I want to do. Before working in the restaurant, I will do something more exciting. In my last working week, my colleagues and I will go to Budapest for an entire weekend. After this, I have my final 2 days at work and after that, my family, boyfriend and I will get into the plane to Turkey! Here, we will stay on a boat for a week, which means I will do some pre-tanning before the real thing…

    …Because my boyfriend and I will be travelling for an entire month after that!! We will start with a city trip through Hong Kong, followed by three weeks of travelling through Indonesia (Java, Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands probably) and ending our trip with a city trip in Singapore. Honestly, I can’t wait. We booked today, so we are really not prepared for anything yet. We’re leaving in less than a month, so any tips for hostels, resorts, to-do’s, to-see’s, to-meet’s are very welcome. Things to eat as well by the way!

    I’ll try to blog about it as well and I am surely going to get some awesome pictures there as well. I really can’t wait to tell you everything about it , but I still have a little while to go. To be precise: 9 days of work, 4 weekends, 28 days and several meetings with friends and family.

    Keep you posted, with love from a little Diva who is going to travel the world!

  • A selection day to become a cabin attendant (5/5/2016)

    Exactly two weeks ago I got some bad news. My contract at work will not be extended, due to me not being in the right place in order to be happy. This means that I am currently looking for a new job and that I am trying to find out in which place I will become happy.  (more…)

  • Grease the Musical (4/27/2016)

    Some people say that I am always lucky and it is hard to prove them wrong, looking at what they base this on. In some way, I seem to win quite some things, or I get the chance to visit the best shows for free. The same counts for last Thursday. One of my friends is doing an internship for a big company and she was able to arrange free tickets to see Grease the Musical in the RAI in Amsterdam. (more…)

  • The big step – from boyfriend to roommate (4/19/2016)

    Only two months ago, my boyfriend moved in with my into my place in Amsterdam. It was an exciting time, as we both knew we loved each other and were pretty certain that we could handle a lot of each other, but the step of living together would be huge. My boyfriend used to be my ‘Peter Pan’; as he never wanted to grow old. He insisted in staying a student, to NOT find a job and to NOT think about any future steps with me.


  • 1/4 Marathon Rotterdam – I did it! (4/10/2016)

    A few months ago, it all started. My boyfriend’s family had signed up for the 10km of Rotterdam on April 10 2016. Unfortunately, someone was not able to make it due to a hockey match, which gave me the opportunity to join. First of all, I want to say that I am not into sports. At all. But I said yes. I felt I could not say no, looking at the sportive events I had attended in the last year. I have joined in with the happiest run in the world; the ‘Color Run’ and the hardest 6km ever; ‘MudMasters’. So I accepted the offer of joining the 10km of Rotterdam.  (more…)

  • Let’s talk about the Germans… (4/3/2016)

    While I was on my city trip in Frankfurt, I finally saw what every German I know always says: The Germans really are rude. Not all of them of course, but many are.
    I am an alumni of the Hotel Management school, where I have learned everything about service. Besides that, I have a hospitality minded family and background, with around 10 years of hospitality experience. I have worked in several restaurants and hotels, always trying to provide the best service possible, in order to have people leave the property satisfied and with a smile on their faces. In the countries that I have lived in, I have also experienced the true meaning of service. People from all over the world have always shown that they care about the guests, trying to make them feel welcome and special, while providing them good food, drinks and mostly a warm smile. (more…)

  • City trip to Frankfurt (3/30/2016)

    During Easter, a few friends and I left for a city trip. This time, I had decided to visit another friend who lives in Frankfurt. None of us had ever been to Frankfurt before, so we were happy with the offer to get a city tour by my friend. Our main goal was to have sausages, beers, flammkuchen and meat, so with that on our to do list we headed to Germany. (more…)

  • ‘Where in the world are you most comfortable?’ (3/17/2016)

    ‘Where in the world are you most comfortable?’

    This question just came to me thanks to Pickwick newest idea; interesting questions to open a conversation. Usually I am not a big fan of these questions, but this one gave me inspiration to write again. The last few weeks I had lost some inspiration, because I am not in my best space at the moment. This is due to some work related issues, which keep me busy after working hours. I will not get into this now, as it is still too fresh for me, but I might in the future. (more…)

  • Stubborn me… (3/7/2016)

    Two weeks ago I blurted out that my bike got stolen. Again. I was very upset and did not believe anyone saying that it was probably taken away by the municipality. However, I have to admit that I was wrong. In fact, I was VERY wrong, because I had parked my bike in an unauthorized spot, besides the bicycle racks. (more…)

  • Tuesday blues (2/24/2016)

    For a while I have known it, but I have decided to come out and tell others about my little problem. I have a serious case of Tuesday blues. Many people hate Mondays, because after a lovely weekend with doing nothing, seeing friends, sleeping late and partying, you are expected back at work (or school). I, on the other hand, dislike Tuesdays. It is the day when I realize that my weekend is really done, that I still have 4 days of work left and the day that everything always seems to go wrong.


  • Let me introduce myself (2/21/2016)

    Before I start with filling my website with all kinds of articles, I would like to introduce myself. I am Blogaholic, a young professional living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My intention is to first stay anonymous until I feel comfortable enough to show my real self. In this way nobody can have any prejudices and I can give more of myself without having to hold back my opinion.


  • Welcome to iamblogaholic (2/15/2016)

    Hi there,

    I don’t exactly yet know who I’m writing this to, besides myself, but I hope the people reading this will come back for more.
    As this is my very first post on my very first own website, I have to admit that it frightens me a little bit. Of course I am excited of having started my own website on which I can blog, but currently it is still mostly nerves.