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  • A selection day to become a cabin attendant (5/5/2016)

    Exactly two weeks ago I got some bad news. My contract at work will not be extended, due to me not being in the right place in order to be happy. This means that I am currently looking for a new job and that I am trying to find out in which place I will become happy.  (more…)

  • ‘Where in the world are you most comfortable?’ (3/17/2016)

    ‘Where in the world are you most comfortable?’

    This question just came to me thanks to Pickwick newest idea; interesting questions to open a conversation. Usually I am not a big fan of these questions, but this one gave me inspiration to write again. The last few weeks I had lost some inspiration, because I am not in my best space at the moment. This is due to some work related issues, which keep me busy after working hours. I will not get into this now, as it is still too fresh for me, but I might in the future. (more…)

  • Tuesday blues (2/24/2016)

    For a while I have known it, but I have decided to come out and tell others about my little problem. I have a serious case of Tuesday blues. Many people hate Mondays, because after a lovely weekend with doing nothing, seeing friends, sleeping late and partying, you are expected back at work (or school). I, on the other hand, dislike Tuesdays. It is the day when I realize that my weekend is really done, that I still have 4 days of work left and the day that everything always seems to go wrong.


  • Not my bike… AGAIN! (2/22/2016)

    Until this morning I was the proud owner of a red bicycle. One that I had spray painted a week ago and purchased two weeks ago. My bicycle’s chain was not very tight, and the wheels were not very straight, but I loved my new bike. Unfortunately, someone else obviously also loved my red bike. When returned after to the same spot I left it this morning,  she was gone. I walked 2 rounds around the block to see if I might have remembered the wrong spot, but I was not lucky. Someone took her.