Last week I posted about my training schedule for the 10km. This run is only one week away from now and I think I am ready.
Today, I ran 8.35 km within 55 minutes and it felt like I could still run a bit longer. I was running by myself though, which always feels a bit more lonely than with my running buddy, but I still managed. 

Last week, I also made a new training schedule, so that I will be ready for another 10km run in January. I think that it might be interesting to post this schedule, to keep track of what I’ve been doing lately. In addition to this training schedule, I also decided to stop drinking for one month. It’s been 2 weeks today and it has been easier than I ever imagined. I’ve had two evenings with friends during which I would’ve normally have had a lot of drinks and after which the day after would not be easy, but this time I felt great the next morning. In comparison to all others, I felt fit, I was wide awake and I didn’t even miss the wine/ beer / liquor.

But let’s get back to the training schedule, which I got via Run2Day. Their website has provided me with my schedule and I chose to do their training scheme for 5-10 km as a starting point. When I started 8 weeks ago, I was not completely fit enough for a 5km, but as I wanted to do a 10km so soon, I went for it anyway.

Week 1:
– 4x 8 minutes slow jogging, with 4 minutes walking in between. (Reality: 5km, 6.28mins/km average, 32mins)
– 35 minutes jogging in slow pace (Reality: 5km, 6.56mins/km average, 35mins)

Week 2:
– 30 minutes running in quick pace, followed by 3×80 meters sprint (Reality: 4.78km, 6.17mins/km average, 30mins)
– 5×8 minutes  slow jogging, with 3 minutes walking in between  (Reality: Due to a holiday in the mountains, I did not succeed: 3.06km, 6.59mins/km average, 21.26mins)
– 40 minutes jogging in slow pace (Reality: Due to a holiday in the mountains, I did not succeed: 3.38km, 7.01mins/km average, 23:45mins

Week 3:
– 2×20 minutes  slow jogging, with 8 minutes walking in between  (Reality: Due to a holiday in the mountains I did 30 minutes, 7.23 mins/km average, 4.24km total)
– 5×8 minutes  quick jogging, with 3 minutes walking in between  (Reality: 6.06km, 6.36mins/km average, 40mins)
– 45 minutes jogging in slow pace  (Reality: 6.42km, 7.01mins/km average, 45mins)

Week 4:
– 25 minutes jogging in slow pace, followed by 3×80 meters sprint  (Reality: 3.29km, 7.13mins/km average, 25mins)
– 4×6 minutes quick jogging, with 3 minutes walking in between  (Reality: 3.86km, 6.13mins/km average, 24mins)
– 35 minutes jogging in slow pace  (Reality: 5.3km, 6.36mins/km average, 35mins)

Week 5:
– 10 minutes jogging, 5 minutes walking, 25 minutes jogging, 5 min walking, 10 min jogging, 5 min walking  (Reality: 5.5km, 6.20 mins/km, skipped the last 10 minutes…)
– 30 minutes slow jogging  (Reality: 4,55km, 6.36mins/km average, 30mins)
– 50 minutes slow jogging (Reality: 7.55km, 6.57mins/km average, 52,29mins)

Week 6:
– 2-4-6-8-10-6-3 jogging with 1 min walking in between  (Reality: 5.89km, 6.07mins/km average, 36mins – skipped the last 3 minutes)
– 40 minutes slow jogging (Reality: skipped this run, but I skipped rope for a few minutes instead)
– 50 minutes slow jogging (Reality: 8km, 6.19mins/km average, 50.36mins – Was very tired, but very happy)

Week 7:
– 4-8-12-16-10-5 jogging with 1 min walking in between (Reality: 8.13km, 6.47mins/km average, 55mins)
– 45 minutes slow jogging  (Reality: 3.27km, 6.36mins/km average, 21.38mins – was not feeling it!)
– 55 minutes slow jogging (Reality: 8.35km, 6.36mins/km average, 55mins – went quite well!)

Week 8:
– 30 minutes slow jogging
– 2 x 15 minutes quick jogging
– 10km!
I am not sure if I’ll run 3 times this week, but I’ll do my very best.

As you can see, I did not manage to achieve all the set goals, but due to this schedule, I am sure that I will manage to run the 10km without walking in between.
Next week, after running the 10 km, my schedule will allow me to go back from 3 trainings a week to 2. That’ll allow me to enjoy my free time more as well 🙂

In my nest post, I will give you my new training schedule, and I’ll try to keep updating how these runs went as well. For me, looking back and seeing how much progress I’ve made, is really motivating, so I hope others will be able to use this as well!

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